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Citizen Journalism is one of the most amazing phenomena in the history of planet earth.

Citizen journalism is known as “public/peoples/Citizens Journalism or Participatory Journalism or Democratic journalism. And also called real Journalism.

Citizen Journalism is the concept of members “playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information”. Citizen Journalists are ordinary people who are involved in their communities or are passionate about an issue. They want to inform others who also share their interests. They could be anyone-age 6 to 96-who want their communities to be informed-and informed accurately.  A mom who wants to write about her kid’s sporting events or serve or how to grow  from 0 to 100; A Scientist writes/presents/shares about science and allied issues; for public, A Doctor writes/presents/shares about medicines, health and allied issues, A Businessman writes business trends and allied issues; Educationalist/professor writes Education and opportunities; Banker writes Banks, their facilities and allied. Even Government officials or employees who want to enlighten and inform the public they serve. A citizen Journalist can write/present regarding his own profession and their experiences.

We say one word, How People/Public/Citizens are shaping the future of their Children/Family/Village/City/State/Country and World through by providing independent, reliable, accurate, wide-ranging and relevant News and Infotainment. With today’s technology the citizen journalist movement has found new life as the average person can capture news and distribute it globally.

The idea that average citizens can engage in the act of journalism has a long history in the United States. The modern citizen journalist movement emerged after journalists themselves began to question the predictability of their coverage of such events as 1988, 2004 U.S Presidential elections, 9/11 World Trade Centre (WTC)Tragedy, 2004 major tsunami(Indonesia),2009 Iranian election protests,Egypt, Libia agitations and also Shri ‘Anna Hazare movement’ against corruption in India.

Now Thousands of Citizen Journalists working for their countries at its problems and social evils. Even in South Korea  have more than 50,000 registered Citizen Journalists , Canadian Broadcasting Corporation etc., channels have given major role to Citizen Journalism/Citizen Journalists.

In this context, M/s Country Broadcasting and Utility Services Private Limited (Approved by the Govt. of India on India’s “ National Public Broadcasting Service Day” on 11/12 & Incorporated on India’s Agricultural Auspicious Festival, “Sankranthi”(new rising day) has come forward to promote Citizen Journalism/Journalists in India. M/s Country Broadcasting plays a major role in the formation of “World Citizen Journalists’ Association”.

Country Broadcasting is encouraging Citizen Journalism/Citizen Journalists through their own networks and other networks. It is planning to semi-professional training, 24X7 support/guidance, to give a recognition.

1.What is the selection criteria for Citizen Journalists?

A. To have strong will to serve the society/public without any monetary/material benefits.

B. To have working computer knowledge (receiving and sending e-mails)

C. To know capturing of photos/videos through your own cell or still camera or small video handy camera.

D. To act unbiased and ethical.

E. To bind over law and accountability.

2.How to contact ?

Please fill the given below Application with attached recent photos( passport, bust  and profile photos ) and mail to ( cc send to )

3. Aplication for citizen journalists       Click hear

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