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M/s Country Broadcasting and Utility Services Private Limited (Approved by the Govt. of India on India’s “ National Public Broadcasting Day” , 11/12  ? and Incorporated on India’s Agricultural Auspicious Festival, “Sankranthi” (Sankranthi, means new rising day).

The main memorandum is…

1.     E-Media (Print & Electronic)

2.     E-Globalization

3.     E-Commerce

4.     E-Schools & Colleges

5.     Events, Entertainments & Advt. Consultancy

6.     Associates for Corporate s and Governments

7.     Software Development

8.     Research & Awards

9.     Public Utility Services

‘Country Broadcasting’, ’world9.tv’ and ‘World9.tv Citizen Journalists’ Org.’ logos unveiled by the Minister of State for Human Resources Development, Govt. of India- Dr. D.Purandeswari, Cricketer- Padmasri V.V.S.Laxman and Actress, Animal rights activist -Smt. Amala Akkineni.



The first and foremost exclusive Indian Cable Satellite TV Advertising and P.R Consultancy, M/s HI-VISION was planned World’s first Internet Television, world9.tv under the umbrella of ‘M/S Country Broadcasting’ in the Year of 2005 in Internet platform, none other than powerful media in the contemporary World. This is the World’s first social network Internet live TV and first Copyrighted dot TV. It bagged 3 International Copyrights by the Govt. and accoladed by the World top leaders, like The Former(Fr.) President of America-Dr.Bill Clinton, The Fr.President of South Africa, Dr.Nelson Mandela’s official Organization-The Nelson Mandela Foundation, The Fr. Prime Minister of India- Dr.I.K.Gujral, The Minister of Finance, Govt. of India-Dr.Pranab Mukherjee, The Minister of Defense, Govt. of India-Dr.A.K.Antony, The Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs, Govt. of India-Dr.Vayalar Ravi, The Minister of Corporate affairs, Govt. of India-Dr.Veera ppa Moily, The Minister of State for Home, Govt. of India-Sri Mullapally Ramachandran, The Minister of state for Defense, Govt. of India-Sri M.M.Pallam Raju, The Minister of State for HRD, Govt. of India-Dr.D.Purandeswari, The Minister of State for Tourism, Govt. of India-Sri Sultan Ahmed, The Minister of state for External Affairs & HRD, Govt. of India-Sri E.Ahmed, The Minister of State for Rural development, Govt. of India-Sri Pradeep Jain Aditya, The Minister of state for Textile, Govt. of India-Dr.Panabaka Laxmi, The Minister of State for Urban development, Govt. of India-Sri Saugata Roy, The Fr.Minister of State for Rural Development, Govt. of India-Sri Chandra Sekhar Sahu, The Fr.Minister of state for Parliament Affairs, Govt. of India-Sri Suresh Pachouri, Fr.Minister of State for Information and Technology, Govt. of India-Sri Gurudas Kamat, Fr.Minister of State for Renewable Energy, Govt. of India-Sri Vilas Muttemwar, The Chief Minister of Gujarat State, India-Sri Narendra Modi and many more  Central and State Ministers. And also appreciated by the Chairman – Press Council of India.


World9.tv is led by the Founder/Pioneer/Father of Indian Electronic Media News (Non-Govt.) and India’s First Electronic Media(TV) Journalist (Reporter),News Editor, Producer, Shri K.M.L. The man has a missionary zeal. He has made a lot of and unparallel contribution/service to the Indian Print and Electronic Media. And also Literature, Culture, Philanthropic and Social service to the society. We proudly and politely say ‘he is a trend setter and trail blazer’.


We never encourage news cooking in our kitchen. We won’t add our views to news. we won’t try to put spice (masaala) and any kind of flavors/artificials. We believe “People are more aware of that, what is what?  who is who? More than Media or anybody”.

We love the People…We believe in the People…We work for the people… We serve the people. We stand on Professional/Journalistic ethics, Society consciousness, positive attitude, service motto and unbiased.


We work for World Peace…We fight against World (Global) Warming.


 “One Media… One World”. The caption in which we believe, which was given by Hon’ ble Former Prime Minister of India, Dr. I.K.Gujral.


1. World’s first registered and first international copyrighted Internet (dot)  TV

2. World’s first social network Internet live TV by the Citizens .. for the Citizens…of the Citizens

3. World’s first trilingual Internet live TV (English, Hindi and Telugu)


















About Us

1. E-Media (Print & Electronic)
2. E-Globalization
3. E-Commerce
4. E-Schools & Colleges
5. Advt. Consultancy
6. Associates for Corporates
7. Software Development
8. Public Utility Services


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