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To the musician, the human voice is a musical instrument of incomparable sweetness, delicacy and emotional power. To the psychologist or job interviewer, it is a prime indicator of personality and character.

Even over the telephone it reveals your sex, approximate age and birthplace, much about your morale, educational level, emotional health and station in life. To the police, your “voice-prints” – sound- spectrograph tracings – may soon provide an identifying tool almost as valuable as the fingerprint.

The human voice is more like a wind instrument than a string instrument, and “vocal cords” are not cords at all.

Effect of Voice:

Few of us realize how the quality of our voices can affect our relations with others in every- day situations. Still fewer realize the delicate interplay between voice and emotion, or the extent to which voice reveals personality. The fact is that to use your voice well you must learn to handle your emotions well.

A recent large-scale study gives evidence that our voices, perhaps even more than the words we use reveal the state of our emotions. Try, for instance, speaking endearing words in a strident tone to your dog; he will react as though you were angry. Use insulting words in honeyed tones and he will sense that you are expressing approval.

The doctors found that the clue to emotions is not only in what is said but in how it is said. Anger caused the voice to be too high, too fast, and too loud.

Try to hear your own voice taping will help you as to how you sound. Try to speak gently Cultivate your voice when you are young. It will help you in life. It can be a passport to many a people’s heart.


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