Stop telecast of cricket matches to check match fixing

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Players fined and banned for spot fixing; that is cricket. Time and again it was told that betting has become the integral part of cricket and when authorities failed to take action and some of them taking refuge in political canvas, things are going to get worse.

When senior players went unpunished this seemed to be an encouragement for younger players to get into the murk and the operators have their way like an express highway and approach anyone at any time.

The shame of being exposed is quickly forgotten or settled and the circus company keeps rolling. Spot fixing like single digit lottery and there is lots of money and when there is lots of cash flow things are bound to get worse.

Ban cricket for ten years, if that is not possible stop telecasting the event and things will fall in place. Replace football and hockey with cricket on television till the dirty betting gets into the new games and stop them again. This one cure, though it sounds bizarre.

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