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By S.Navratan Singh

Denis’s father Paul always gets on your nerves.  A look at him and your view gets reinforced that youth is getting wasted in the young.  You feel that he is your only failure.  It is decades since he has seen the sunrise and cannot tell the direction in which it happens.  His apparels appall you and his friends, disgust.  He loves the structure in brick and stone, and built in mortar set in your sweat.  His heart bleeds to see it shared in succession.  He cannot reconcile to the primitive condition that it is in.  He has great plans to raze it to the ground and remodel it.  He shows you the artists’ projection of its picture.  It is a magnificent architecture with majestic rows of conifers, lush green lawns and a bevy of sedans and SUVs parked in elegant garages.  It reflects the qualitative change in life once his plans are put in place.  He finds that, you are a hard nut to crack and the only anachronism in the scene.  He pictures it without you and it pleases him.

Every other day he rushes to you displaying a clip out of some tabloid paper.  It sensationally advertises yoga or meditation camp or a nature cure session, which is held at a safe distance away.  He reminds you about the camp of some great Swami for whose darshan, multitudes are rushing in frenzy.  He is particularly enthusiastic about Himalayan sojourns which take you to breath taking scenes.  The travel itself, the hair splitting hairpin bends, awe inspiring ravines and thrilling irretrievable free fall excites him.  However your idea of spirituality differs with that.  You prefer your evenings in your verandah with a bunch of naughty old friends suitably inebriated.  The air around getting loaded with meaty limericks and fleshy gossip gets your spirits soaring high.

Denis’ mother pecks his neck at every available opportunity.  He fails to understand, what she expects of him.  His grads have to be improved even though he tops in the class.  His hand writing she feels is like the trail of an ant dipped in ink.  He waits for her to return and when she does, within moments he wishes she had not.  Paul also is a torture for Denis.  He speaks with Denis only in mono syllables, or in curt critical comments.

Denis very often escapes to his grandpa’s room and blends up with you like sugar and milk.  Grandpa has all the time in the world to tell him stories.  He has the answer for all his questions like “How God puts babies in the mother’s body?  Or why fathers do not have them”.  He jumps into your lap.  He does not care even if it is a little moist there.(The End)

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