IPL getting gatemoney

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IPL getting gatemoney

IPL-5 Boss Rajiv Shukla is a happy man. Sensing success of this edition, he has bigger plans for the next edition. While players are auctioned and are shown as exhibits is a violation of human rights or not, we do not know, but he feels that the going is great.

Shukla says that the crowd has graduated from pass culture to ticket culture and the gate money is counted with great eager. Good for everybody, but going by the auction figures the gate money is peanuts, so to say. Imagine top players being paid in millions of dollars and the gate money hardly touching Rsone lakh, how many matches should it play.

The cost of cheer girls, travel, boarding, drinks, medication, insurance and what not– all this is not recovered from gate money but from franchises, private shows and appearance money, to say the least. So when Shukla says that he has better plans for the next edition of IPL, it must be a commercial proposition and better ways to increase the inflow of funds.

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