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Sri N.Kiran Kumar Reddy, Chief Minister General Administration, Law & Order, Commercial Taxes, Energy, Coal & Boilers, Public Enterprises
Constituency: Pileru
Office Address: C Block, 6th Floor, AP Secretariat, Hyderabad
Residence Address: CM Camp Office cum Residence,Begumpet,Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23456698,23452933,23455205,23452498(F)
Residence Phone: Camp Office:23410333,23410666,23410088,23410555(F)
Sri Damodar Raja Narasihma .C ,Deputy Chief Minister Minister for Higher Education & Technical Education
Constituency: Andole
Office Address: J Block No:810
Residence Address: Qtr.No.30,Ministers Qtrs Road No.12 Banjara Hills, Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23455998/23450878
Residence Phone: 040-23314944 23386014
Smt Aruna .D.K Minister for Information & Public Relations, Cinematography, A.P. Film, TV & Theatre Development Corporation
Constituency: Gadwal
Office Address: D Block No:151
Residence Address: Road No.56,Plot No.1176,Jubilee Hills,Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23453220/23450872
Residence Phone: 040-23546793
Sri Anam Ramanarayana Reddy Finance, Planning, Small Savings, State Lotteries
Constituency: Atmakur
Office Address: D-block No.456, 3 rd floor
Residence Address: Qtr.No.9,Kundan Bagh,Ministers Quarters,Begumpet,Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23454766,23452699/23451335
Residence Phone: 040-23406777,23405777(P)
Smt Aruna Kumari Galla Minister for Mines & Geology
Constituency: Chandragiri
Office Address: L Block No:205
Residence Address: Plot No.-54,A Road No.11, Film Nagar , Jubilee Hills Hyd.-33
Office Phone: 040-23450855/23453230
Residence Phone: 23547824
Sri Balaraju .P Minister for Tribal Welfare
Constituency: Paderu
Office Address: D Block No:115
Residence Address: Building No.22,Ministers Quarters,Road No.12,Banjara Hills Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23453231/23450328
Residence Phone: 040-23393696
Sri Baswaraju Saraiah Minister for Backward Classes Welfare
Constituency: Warangal East
Office Address: A Block No:402
Residence Address: FlatNo.802, MS Block Phase-2, Old MLA Quarters, Hyderguda, Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23453208,23457367
Residence Phone:
Sri B. Satyanarayana Minister for Transport
Constituency: Cheepurupalle
Office Address: J Block No:301
Residence Address: Bldg.No.7 Ministers Qtrs. Road No.12 Banjara Hills, Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23455976,23450828
Residence Phone: 23313948,23324504,229923(P),Vizianagaram
Sri D.L.Ravindra Reddy Minister For Health, Family Welfare, APVVP and AP Aids Control Society
Constituency: Mydukur
Office Address: B Block No:402
Residence Address: Building No.20,Street No.2,Hill Ridge Villas, Gatchibowli, Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23450347,23450723
Residence Phone: 040-23002010
Sri Danam Nagender Minister for Labour, Employment, Training & Factories, Industrial Training Institutes
Constituency: Khairatabad
Office Address: D Block No:344
Residence Address: H.No.8-2-387/8/1 MCH No.251, Road No.3 Banjara Hills Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23450708/23450503
Residence Phone: 040-23543155
Sri Dharmana Prasada Rao Minister for Roads & Buildings
Constituency: Srikakulam
Office Address: D Block No:142
Residence Address: Bldg.No.11 Ministers Qtrs. Road No.12 Banjara Hills,Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23453212
Residence Phone: 040-23394744 224599 (P) Srikakulam
Sri Dokka Manikya Varaprasada Rao Minister for Rural Development, NREGS
Constituency: Tadikonda
Office Address: J Block No:204
Residence Address: Qtr No 133 New MLA Quarters Adarsh Nagar Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23454238/23451135
Residence Phone: 2225500 Guntur
Sri Erasu Prathap Reddy Minister for Law & Courts
Constituency: Srisailam
Office Address: J-Block No.307, 3rd floor
Residence Address: H.No.6-3-347/13, Dwarakpuri Colony, Panjagutta, Hyd -82.
Office Phone: 040-23450275
Residence Phone: 040-23350551
Smt Geetha Reddy .J Minister for Major Industries, Sugar, Commerce & Export Promotion
Constituency: Zahirabad
Office Address: D Block No:220
Residence Address: 10-1-5 C Road No.4, West Marredpally, Secunderabad.
Office Phone: 040-23453210/23453211
Residence Phone: 27804432 (P)
Sri Jana Reddy .K Minister for Panchayat Raj & Rural Water Supply
Constituency: Nagarjuna Sagar
Office Address: D Block No:345
Residence Address: Plot No.554-a 38, Near MLA Colony, Road No.12, Banjara Hills, Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23453233 23450455
Residence Phone: 040-23551331 23551332
Sri Kanna Lakshminarayana Minister for Agriculture and Agriculture Technology Mission
Constituency: Guntur West
Office Address: D Block No:261
Residence Address: Qtr.No.28, Ministers Quarters, Road No.12, Banjara Hills, Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23450813/23450044
Residence Phone: 23306232 (P) 2323164 (P) Guntur
Sri Kasu Venkata Krishna Reddy Minister for Cooperation
Constituency: Narasaraopet
Office Address: K- Block No.115,Ground floor
Residence Address: Qtr.No.4, Ministers Quarters, Road No.12, Banjara Hills, Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23450371 23450348
Residence Phone:
Sri Maheedhar Reddy .M Minister for Municipal Administration & Urban Development
Constituency: Kandukur
Office Address: L Block No:121
Residence Address: Qtr.No.808, M.S. Phase Old MLA Qtrs, Hyderguda, Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23450451 23456299
Residence Phone:
Sri Mopidevi Venkataramana Rao Minister for Excise & Prohibition
Constituency: Repalle
Office Address: D Block No:116
Residence Address: Qtrs.No.29 Ministers Qtrs Road No.12 Banjara Hills Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23450372/23452068
Residence Phone: 23391131(P)
Sri Mukesh Goud .M Minister for Marketing & Warehousing
Constituency: Goshamahal
Office Address: D-Block No.260,1st Floor
Residence Address: Plot No.183 Road No.10 C MLA’s & MP Colony Jubilee Hills Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23454063 23453894
Residence Phone: 65137957(P)
Sri Parthasarathi .K Minister for Secondary Education, Govt. Exminations, AP. Residential Educational Institutions Society, Hyderabad Public School, Intermediate Education
Constituency: Penamaluru
Office Address: D Block No:235
Residence Address: Qtr.No.1 Ministers Qtrs. Road No.12 Banjara Hills, Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23456043/23450565
Residence Phone: 23751706®
Sri Pithani Satyanarayana Minister for Social Welfare
Constituency: Achanta
Office Address: J Block No:811
Residence Address: H.No 3-5-894 Beside Telugu Academy Building Himayah Nagar Hyd. – 29
Office Phone: 040-23453425/23457113
Residence Phone: 23243116® 08819-245099 (Penugonda, W.G.dist.)
Sri Ponnala Lakshmaiah Minister for Information Technology & Communications
Constituency: Jangoan
Office Address: J Block No:403
Residence Address: Bldg.No.12 Ministers Qtrs. Road No.12 Banjara Hills, Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23450633
Residence Phone: 23313888 (P) 23313800 (P)
Sri Raghuveera Reddy .N Minister for Revenue, Relief, Rehabilitation, ULC
Constituency: Kalyandurg
Office Address: J Block No:704
Residence Address: Bldg.No.15 Road No.12 Ministers Qtrs., Banjara Hills, Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23451196
Residence Phone: 23315888 289289 (P) Ananthapur
Sri Ramreddy Venkata Reddy Minister for Horticulture, Sericulture, RSAD
Constituency: Palair
Office Address: D Block No:366
Residence Address: Qtr.No.10 Ministers Qtrs. Road No.12 Banjara Hills, Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23453222/23451217/23450034F
Residence Phone: 23301799
Smt Sabitha .P Minister for Home, Jails, Fire Services, Sainik Welfare, Printing & Stationary
Constituency: Maheshwaram
Office Address: J Block No:801
Residence Address: 34/9 S.B.H Colony, Srinagar Clny, Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23457687/23453900
Residence Phone: 23750225
Dr Sailajanath .S Minister for Primary Education, SSA, Adult Education, AP Open Schools Society, Jawahar Bal Bhavan, AP Mahila Samata Society, SIET, Public Libraries, SCERT, AP Text Book Press
Constituency: Singanamala (SC)
Office Address: D Block No:237
Residence Address: Qtr.NO.20, Minister Quarters, Road No.12, Banjara Hills
Office Phone: 040-23450556 23450055
Residence Phone: 23384344
Sri Satrucharla Vijayarama Raju Minister for Forest, Environment, Science & Technology
Constituency: Pathapatnam
Office Address: D Block No:326
Residence Address: Bldg.No.9 Ministers Qtrs. Road No.12 Banjara Hills, Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23450533
Residence Phone: 23379747 225363(P) (chinamerangi (V)
Sri Sridhar Babu .D Minister for Civil Supplies, Food & Consumer Affairs, Legal Metrology & Legislative Affairs
Constituency: Manthani
Office Address: D Block No:430
Residence Address: Qr.No.27 Ministers Quarters Road No.12. Banjara Hills Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23453241/23450785
Residence Phone: 23301212(P)
Sri Sudarshan Reddy .P Minister for Major & Medium Irrigation, A.P. Water Resources Development Corporation
Constituency: Bodhan
Office Address: J Block No:201
Residence Address: Plot No.353 Road No.23/A. Jubilee Hills Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23454715/23451488
Residence Phone: 23548157
Smt Sunitha Laxma Reddy .V Minister for Indira Kranthi Patham, Pensions, Self Help Groups & Women Development, Child Welfare & Disabled Welfare, Juvenile Welfare
Constituency: Narsapur
Office Address: K Block No:257
Residence Address: D.No.1-5-3/12 Behind Sai Raja Deluxe Theatre, Musheerabad Hyd.-48
Office Phone: 040-23457144/23450812
Residence Phone: 27607788
Sri Syed Mohammad Ahamadullah Minister for Minority Welfare, Wakf, Urdu Academy
Constituency: Kadapa
Office Address: B Block No:506
Residence Address: Qtr.No.26, Ministers Quarters, Road No.12, Banjara Hills, Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23450362/23451064
Residence Phone: 23384203
Sri T.G.Venkatesh Minister for Minor Irrigation, APIDC, Lift Irrigation, WALAMTARI, Ground Water Development
Constituency: Kurnool
Office Address: D Block No:251
Residence Address: Qtr.No.3, Ministers Quarters, Road No.12, Banjara Hills, Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23452339 23453207
Residence Phone:
Sri Thota Narasimham Minister for Stamps & Registration
Constituency: Jaggampeta
Office Address: J Block No:601-605 6th floor
Residence Address: Qtr.No.18, Ministers Quarters, Road No.12, Banjara Hills, Hyd
Office Phone: 040-23450579 23454667
Residence Phone:
Sri Vatti Vasant Kumar Minister for Tourism & Culture, Archaeology & Museums, Archives & Youth Services & Sports, NCC
Constituency: Unguturu
Office Address: J Block No:501
Residence Address: Qtr No 5 Ministers Quarters Road No 12 Banjara Hills Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23454168
Residence Phone: 23324003
Sri Viswarupu .P Minister for Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development & Fisheries, Veterinary University
Constituency: Amalapuram
Office Address: J Block No:510
Residence Address: # 8-3-672/1/A/1 Jayaprakash Nagar Ellareddy Guda Behind RBI Quarters Yousuf Guda Hyd.
Office Phone: 040-23456703
Residence Phone: 23751117
Sri Ganta Srinivasa Rao Minister for Infrastructure & Investments and Ports, Airports,Natural Gas.
Constituency: Anakapalle
Office Address: Room Nos.310 – 312, 3rd Floor, South H-Block.
Residence Address:
Office Phone: 040-23221175, 23450188
Residence Phone:
Sri C. Ramachandraiah Minister for Endowments
Constituency: Kadapa (MLC)
Office Address: Room No.358,3rd Floor,D-Block
Residence Address:
Office Phone: 040-23450368, 23455135
Residence Phone:
Sri Kondru Murali Mohan Minister for Medical Education, Arogyasree, Health Insurance, 104, & 108, Medical Infrastructure, Ayush, Yogadhyayana Parishad, Drug Control Administration
Constituency: Rajam
Office Address: Room No. L, 121
Residence Address:
Constituency Address:
Office Phone: 040-23450153
Residence Phone:
Sri Capt. N.Uttam Kumar Reddy Minister for Housing, Weaker Section Housing Programme, AP Cooperative Housing Societies Federation and AP Housing Board
Constituency: Huzurnagar
Office Address: Room No. k,805
Residence Address:
Constituency Address:
Office Phone: 040 -23450515, 23453209
Residence Phone:
Sri Gaddam Prasad Kumar Minister forHandlooms & Textiles, Spinning Mills, Small Scale Industries and K&VI Board
Constituency: Vikarabad
Office Address:
Residence Address:
Constituency Address:
Office Phone:
Residence Phone:


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