Always at the trouble’s end

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Always at the trouble’s end

Chamundeswarinathi, remember the name, does it ring a bell. Yes, he is former Andhra cricket player and has become popular for reasons other than cricket after and during his first class cricket career.

First broke the match fixing scam. He was very close to Md Azharuddin and has had close proximity to him. He was also questioned by CBI. Next, he was seen moving close to Sachin Tendulkar. Fine celebrities need some sidekick to handle their affairs but this man always appears at the wrong end.

Suddenly he started appearing before Sania Mirza when she was wining set after set, round after round in the court and publicity, nay endorsements, and when her parents proved to be better promoters he disappeared from the scene.

Now the latest we hear is that Chamundeswaranath had 30 lakh shares but sold 20 lakh shares of Vinpac, floated by Nimmagadda Prasad who is in judicial custody. Film star Nagarjuna and NTRS’s grandson N Kalyan Ram have 2lakh shares each.

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